So you want to elope on oahu???

Well here is some advice on how you can make that happen. And I would love to be there to make sure everything goes smoothly & according to plan!

Eloping on Oahu can be a wonderful and romantic way to get married. Here are some steps you can follow: 

  1. Obtain a marriage license: In Hawaii, you will need to obtain a marriage license before you can get married. You can apply for a marriage license at any of the marriage license agents located throughout the state. You can find a list of agents on the Hawaii Department of Health website. 
  2. Choose a location: Oahu has many beautiful locations to elope, such as beaches, gardens, and parks. You can choose a location that suits your preferences and budget. 
  3. Hire a wedding planner: Hiring a wedding planner can help make your elopement stress-free and memorable. They can help you with all the details, such as finding a location, arranging transportation, and providing a photographer. 
  4. Find an officiant: You will need an officiant to perform your wedding ceremony. You can hire a wedding officiant or have a friend or family member get ordained and perform the ceremony. 
  5. Book accommodations: If you are traveling to Oahu, you will need to book accommodations for your stay. There are many hotels and vacation rentals available on the island. 

Plan your ceremony:

You can personalize your ceremony to make it meaningful and special. You can write your own vows, choose a special song, or incorporate a symbolic ritual. Hand fasting, stone wishing and seed planting can be a fun and unique twist to ad into your day to ad to the personalized wonderfulness of eloping!

  1. Enjoy your elopement: On the day of your elopement, relax and enjoy the moment. Oahu has a lot to offer, so you can spend your honeymoon exploring the island and creating memories that will last a lifetime. There are many amazing destinations to go and visit that will allow photo permits, such as the Bydo-In temple & Kualoa ranch where Jurassic Park and more were filmed! Try and make sure to get enough rest and recovery time before your ceremony. From most locations Hawaii is going to have a major time zone difference. Getting enough rest and not to much sun will help ensure the best day! Also Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate friends! I swear every time I go to HI I end up shocked by how much water I end up drinking in a day and still feeling dry!
  2. Remember to check with local authorities and vendors about any COVID-19 protocols and restrictions that may be in place. You will have to obtain a permit for almost every location on the island whether its for the ceremony or sunset beach photos. And I am here to help you with that!! Don't get into trouble, your wedding day is not the day for trying to sneak a peek into an area or go take photos in old ruins. Its 100% not worth getting arrested for!!

How can I help you?  

I offer planning advice ranging from helping you obtain permits, scout locations, and find local vendors for cakes & floral help! I can also aid in color selections and recommendations for wardrobe and hair & makeup. I am amazing at finding adorable airbnbs & hotels for your stay and getting ready images. I also love helping find cute stops along your day for coffee, roadside fruit stands & tourist traps that are cute and fun to ad into your day making it even more personalized to you and your lovers dream wedding!

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